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About Us

We are dog owners and breeders and have seen the way nutrition plays a big part in the health of our dogs and pups. Choosing dog food and treats is getting harder these days, with changing regulations and numerous recalls. There are many preservatives added to food and treats that are not necessarily good for health or digestion. We care about what we feed our dogs and want to bring our knowledge and research to you for your furry friend.



Our dogs are our loyal best friends. So don't we want to ensure that they live a long and healthy life? As many dog owners know, what they feed them has a direct impact on their well being. There are many great brands of dog food and treats but you have to search the internet to find them. Well, we have done the "leg work" for you. We pick only the best and healthiest brands; all made and or sourced in the US. 

Our products have been tried and tested on the pickiest of eaters. We have found that dogs (like many people) get bored of the same old food and treats. Keep a good variety of protein and vegetables food and treats on hand to satisify your picky eater.

Our mission is to make every dog, a healthy dog.

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